2 comments on “Ribbon microphones : The Transducer Will Seduce Yer! 1.8 micron 99.9% pure Aluminum Ribbon Element

  1. Interesting to hear the difference between the different thicknesses of ribbon. Quite noticeable. Where did you source the 1.8 micron ribbon? And did you work out a good way of corrugating? Sorry you were not able to find the brass hose fittings to try.




  2. Hi David,
    How are things? hope you enjoyed the update! 😉 I just scored another ellipsoid mic last night on Ebay so now I will have a pair!
    with the ribbon corrugation I ended up making a jig using TV antenna cable plugs which has roughly 25 per inch corrugations and I also used the gears from an old electric drill which are about 13 per inch which was used on all of the sound of the examples you hear on the blog .I will carry out more experiments comparing frequency and transient response with different corrugation methods. I got the foil from my mic supplier if you would like some i can get 1.2 1.8 2.5 micron 99% pure Aluminum for $50 a 21x21cm sheet.
    Best regards
    Mark Chierego


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