2 comments on “The Steanes sound systems ellipsoid incident! Obviously not a perminant solution!

  1. Interesting to hear the Ellipsoid. I have had one of these mics for ages, and could not find out any info about them. I also have a Zephyr 55 ribbon mic, made here in Melbourne, but the company no longer exists. I bought it from new years ago. I am a hobby mic builder as well.



  2. Hi there, came onto your site by accident, I have a working torpedo (or was last time I used it) which I used to use to amplify acoustic double bass. Also have a dynamike which is still in use to amplify a large upright acoustic piano which is part of a Wurlitzer theatre organ in regular use in a New Zealand Cinema. The dynamike is on a small stand on a sponge pad in the base of the piano and does a wonderful job. Just thought you may be interested in these facts, cheers, Mat:


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